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Equipment Info & Add-ons

Need more info before you choose your package or would like to add-on your package? This will surely let you know what these products and services are recommended for and give you visual aid of how they may look. Products can also be rented for "D.I.Y" events.

Low Laying Fog

Up Lights / Par Cans / Mood Lights / Wash Lights

This is very popular amongst couples for their first dance as it creates the “dancing on clouds" effect. If you are are having a party and looking for the wow effect this will surely do the trick especially for Halloween parties! Our low lying fog machine does not use dry ice but uses newer technology that consists of water and fog liquid which creates dense smoke which therefore floats on the ground. Low laying fog is preferred by photographers for their beautiful look as well as less camera interference compared to conventional smoke machines.

One of the most multi-purposed lighting fixtures, par cans can be used as up-lighting to compliment the deco theme and accentuate architectural features such as pillars and waterfalls and can be placed around the room or at the back of the main table for stunning photographs. If you are looking to colour a whole room and "wash " it with colour these are the lights that can do it for you. All our Par cans are RGB meaning they can be programmed to emit any colour you choose from Cerise Pink to Amber Gold and anything on the colour wheel.

 GOBO Light

Bubble Machine

GOBOS are a template that light shines through to project mainly text or a logo as desired. This can be customized with the couples names and projected on a wall or ceiling. Has a very classy effect. For themed birthdays can display the name or the image of a theme as is shown in the slide above ( Frozen ). Our GOBOs are customised inhouse and suggestions from you are taken into consideration in the design process. Our GOBOS are also LED technology and allows for more vivd colours. We also supply  one of the industries only "Animation" GOBO. This takes your event to the next level. You can request a demo of this from our office.

Highly recommended for kids parties and marriage ceremony entrances as well as exits. This is a special effect that doesn't get old as both old and young enjoy bubbles in the air and creates a picture perfect moment for your ceremony procession. Party bubbles are always a favorite with kids and teens as at intervals it brings something different to your party and excites everyone.

Lapel / Headset Microphone

Laser Lights Pack

Lapel microphones also known as lavalier microphones are attached to the speakers top or jacket to allow for a hands free microphone. An alternative to a lapel is a headset microphone which is attached to the speakers ear and placed near the cheek and mouth for greater audio pickup. Lapel & headset microphones are fully wireless and allows movement for the speaker without carrying around a microphone and for stable audio transmission ( no fluctuation in volume from being different distances away from microphone when speaking using a conventional hand-held microphone. Popular with many marriage officiators, MC's as well as conferencing and talks.

Laser lights are what brings a party atmosphere to your event. It turns ordinary into extraordinary. If you are looking for the real party atmosphere the laser lights pack is what you need. This consists of 2R2GBP lasers and have a variety of effects and patterns to ensure your event feels like a party.

Moving Heads

Projector & Screen

Gives your event the Hollywood vibe. These light can "scan" the room for that exquisite feel and can be programmed to be more party as you would find at the likes of festivals. These lights are the ultimate in sophistication and style but can also bring "ultra" to your event. Multi coloured and able to move to any point in the room and project light and patterns its definitely a unique light not often seen.


If you have a slide show, presentation or video that needs a projector and screen we have options to suit your needs depending on required projection size. A laptop can be provided and be used to display to the projectors. Our projectors are high powered projectors delivering crisp images and vivid colours. Also available are LCD/LED tvs.



Opened photobooth with props

Ginistic Photography is all about providing you with a great photographer and exceptional service that captures the beauty and uniqueness of you. We cover a a variety of events ranging from Weddings and parties to corporate and cultural events

Please see our links below

Photography website -

Video demo -


Get funky and capture the moment with our opened photobooth with props. Optional instant prints and instant digital copy for social media sharing. Multiple backgrounds to choose from

Audio Recording

Cocktail / Canapé / Pre-drinks Hour

Need an audio recording of your vows and wedding sermon? This will ensure clean, crisp and unfiltered audio that you can later dub over slide shows and family videos or overdub on your video for better audio quality.


Need background music for your wedding cocktail hour? This fills the air to set the mood for the night ahead and ensure guests are entertained. If you have live entertainment we can also provide a solution that fits their needs.



Battery Powered P.A System

A wide range of generators, backup power and inverter power options are available that can be used for sound, catering, lighting and electronics. Let us know your requirements and we can provide a solution for you.

If you need a P.A system for your outdoor ceremony or need a portable solution that doesn't require power we have a battery powered system that includes a wireless microphone. This system can be used for a few hours without a charge and is a convenient and aesthetically pleasing option as it is not too large and produces quality audio.

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